Garage Gym Update 10/21/2008

I finished putting together a 20″ Plyo Box that just needs sanded and painted. Really made me scratch my head when I laid everything out to cut the pieces. Getting the angles right was the hard part.I plan on making the 24″ this weekend, but the 20″ is going to be seeing the most use.

I also scored a great deal on a set of dumbbells with racks! We now have from 5lbs to 95lbs. I doubt the heavier ones see much use for a while. It was a workout in itself to just get them home.

Also picked up a Back Extension bench. Gena didn’t like the one we have. This one is more at an angle, while the one I bought earlier was/is horizontal, more for doing glute-ham sit-ups.

Adjustable bench showed up and I put it together as well. Cheap piece of crap, but it will work. I think from here on out, I’m going to save up for the quality stuff. It can be used, but I’m not buying anymore fine “China” items.


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