Police Story #37

Some of my online friends may not know this, but I used to be a cop, and is how I got introduced to CrossFit. I was going through some old writings of mine that I jotted down during my time as a LEO and decided to share some that made me chuckle. This one is my personal favorite.

All in a days work.

Working as a Police Officer has been one of the richest experiences of my adult life. Below is a recent true story that makes it all worth while. Remember, it’s all about the motto, “To Serve and Protect”.

While on uniform patrol in a marked unit, my partner and I were working an area known for drug activity. We placed our car at an intersection just a few houses down from a home known to have drug traffic and made ourselves visible to the residents who were camping out on the front porch. They were waiting for their customers who would drive by to make a quick exchange of product/cash. We were there to send a message; we know what you’re doing and we’re watching you. They weren’t very happy with us and we continued to exchange stares for nearly 15-20 minutes. We finally moved on, but only after passing slowly in front of them and gesturing with a friendly wave and acknowledgement.

Once we were about 2-3 houses beyond, I noticed a group of people congregating in the front yard of an unrelated house. We were well beyond the group, when I heard shouts of, “Hey!… Hey!” We went to the next intersection and turned around. When we approached the group we were met with some frantic folks pointing and yelling, “The back of that house is on fire!” Looking, we spotted an excessive amount of smoke pouring from the back of a house. Like a light switch our demeanor changed instantly. Mike called in to have Fire and EMS dispatched to our location. We exited our car and I began herding a small crowd which was now gathering in the yard while my partner went to assist some folks who were trying to open a window. I heard my partner ask, “Is there anyone inside?” A disheveled man responded in a shaky and frantic voice, “My grandma’s in there and she can’t get out!”

This is when the adrenalin really kicked in. My partner sprang to action, rounded the house to the back door. Smoke is now engulfing the entire rear portion of the structure. He grabbed the handle of the door, which he found to be locked, but cold, meaning the fire had not reached that part of the building. Bracing himself on the railing and with one quick blow of his boot he busted the door in and we entered as the choking smoke filled the air around us. I was right behind my partner as we entered just in time to see an 80-plus year old woman… buck naked… stepping out of the shower. While choking back the smoke and watering eyes, we asked if she was all right. The only thing she had to say was, “I was cookin my chicken!”

We later found out that she had placed some chicken in the oven, thinking she could take a shower before it was done. She was wrong and the city is paying to repair her rear door.

The rest of the night we smelled like a barbeque gone bad.

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