Garage Gym Antics for Sat 081101

I spent another Saturday of adding, building and perfecting the garage gym. Today’s main focus was finding, designing and building a good anchor system for the rings. This proved to be quite a challenge, but as usual, with some good old redneck head scratching, I figured it out. It came out pretty good if I don’t say so myself.

The biggest challenge was finding a way to get up to the rafters and do the deed. This was no small feat as I have a horrendous phobia of heights. Cleaning the gutters or getting on my roof to retrieve a wayward Frisbee is nerve racking for me. So I knew a ladder was out of the question. I couldn’t afford, nor justify renting a lift, so the idea came to me when I had my brother over who is much more carpentry savvy than I. Without missing a beat he said, “Back the Suburban in the garage and stand on top of it.” At first I kind of laughed, but as the week drew closer to the weekend, I began to scheme how I could make that work. I just took a piece of 3/4″ plywood and laid it out on the roof rack and then used a step ladder to get on top of the beast. I was actually almost to close to the ceiling now and spent most of the time in a slightly hunched position, never fully able to stand up, so I got a good leg workout as well.

I used some really strong anchors and lags to bolt a 4×4 beam between two 2×6 rafters. This allowed me to install the hooks at exactly 50cm apart and left room for a center hook to later add a climbing rope, if I can ever afford it.

The whole project took me several hours, but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to things like this and I did a lot more thinking, figuring, measuring and re-measuring than I did cutting and bolting.

Air Force Airman 1st Class Jesse M. Samek

We also hung a very special American Flag to really give it that gym feel. I say special, because this flag was one that flew in the memorial field here at the local high school and was dedicated to Airman 1st Class Jesse M. Samek, who I went through BMT at Lackland at the same time as I. He gave the ultimate sacrifice on Oct. 21, 2004 when he died from injuries he received when an Air Force HH-60 helicopter aircraft crashed during a medical evacuation mission in Afghanistan. I think this dedication is very fitting, seeing as how many of the “Hero” workouts are dedicate to such men and women who have given their lives in service to their country, whether in the Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters or other public servant capacities. This flag stands as a reminder to their strength, courage and faithfulness. While we work out to become healthier, they train to save lives and our freedom.

I barely got done cleaning up my tools and pulled the Suburban out, when my 6 year old boy was drawn to the rings like a moth to a porch light. He’s probably going to get his first muscle up before Dad does.

Medicine Ball Update

I wrote a few days ago about a home made medicine ball that everyone lamented had to be more than 20lbs. Well, guess what folks. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. We finally got a scale and lo and behold. A picture speaks a thousand words. Nary an ounce heavier or lighter.


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  1. Very nice! You blog is looking great as well.

    Gotta beat you on the thrusters today! I plan on doing the “Death by Pullup” workout right after. Based only on your Angie time, I think you’ll beat me on this. My pullups were not so good…

  2. I am dreading the pull-up WOD. That is the one area I want to improve on the most, and also my weakest area. Good Luck!

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