No, not Yoda… “Stretch you must. Bounce, do not.”

So my wife and I make a deal. After lamenting some of my inflexibility, she says she’ll teach me yoga since I’m “introducing” her to CrossFit. (I dare say instructing or helping, because most of the time it’s the blind leading the blind).

Unlike my newbieness (Is that a real word?) to CrossFit, she’s been a yoga, holistic, herbalessance kind of person for a long time. What I know about yoga, you could put on a post-it note. But what I do know is that it involves a lot of good stretching and should help me with my flexibility. So we agree that on “Rest Days” we’ll do her routine. In my mind, I thought, “Pffft, this is going to be a cake walk.”

Wrong. We’ve only had two sessions so far and each one not only confirmed my incredible inflexibility, but that getting flexible is painful, taxing and not easy. I didn’t feel to bad immediately after the sessions, but the next day I was feeling it.

I do, however, see a slight controversial grin on my wife when I am in… let’s say… the more awkward positions. Maybe it’s just my imagination… but her eyes seem to be saying, “Remember all those burpees you made me do last night? Now you’ll feel my pain…muahahahahaha!!!!”

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  1. I should do the shared workouts with my wife. She was a ballet dancer – ouch!

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