Gettting WOD’s Text To Your Phone

I stumbled across this neat little website that allows you to get the WOD’s sent directly to your cell phone via text message. I have used it for about a week now and love it.

Since most people I know use ATT, your SMS address is your phone number plus so it would look something like

You can sign up for the free service at


3 Responses to “Gettting WOD’s Text To Your Phone”

  1. I did this with a twitter acct. It works intermittently. I’ll check out the method you posted.

  2. I’m going to Birmingham today – to the famous “Wright Rubber” to get some equipment! WOOHOO!

    Y’all ok up there?

  3. You dog… Wright bumper plates are second only to a C2 model C rower on my list of must haves… I’m very jealous.

    We didn’t do a WOD yesterday, so Saturday is going to be Fridays in the AM and Saturdays in the PM.

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