Off The Air

Holiday season gets a little crazy and with four kids in four different schools, it gets even crazier. Sunday was a miss, because we were busy with family stuff (translation, lazy). Monday is our 6 month wedding anniversary and I’m taking Gena out to the little Italian restaurant where I proposed (and made her cry). Not sure I can top that, but I have a surprise for her. So I doubt we will be exercising tonight… Then Tuesday I have a meeting, but hope to catch up later in the night.

Not making excuses, but well… ok, I’m making excuses… but at least I didn’t RICK ROLL you.

Oops, guess I just did.


3 Responses to “Off The Air”

  1. Heh!
    Can’t keep up?




    As an Auburn fan – I’ll take what I can get these days…

  2. Dude, you concern me sometimes…

  3. 🙂

    Enjoy your .5 anniversary!

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