Friday 081219

What a week! I haven’t been this stressed out since basic training hell week. The new job is overwhelming to say the least. It will get better, but I was thrown into a hurricane. I haven’t slept well and have not wanted to do anything but roll up in the fetal position and whimper.

It will get better and I will be glad that I went through this time to get a good foundation as quickly as possible. But in the stress of it all, my eating and workouts have suffered greatly. Here was tonight’s attempt at getting back on track.


Three rounds for time of:
24″ Box jump, 50 reps
185 pound Deadlift, 21 reps
30 Pull-ups

Scaled this way back to;

20″ Box Jump, 30 reps
185lb Deadlift, 14 reps
20 Pull-ups, Blue Band Assist

Time 22:28

Sucking wind and feeling the stress.

Missed a great deal on a treadmill that had been on craigslist for nearly a week. Called the gal who owned it and she said she had hardly had any calls, let alone lookers. So made an appointment for the next day to go over and look and before I went to bed, she emailed me and said someone stopped by and gave her full asking price and hauled it away.



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