Saturday 081220

Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
15 L-Pull-ups
15 Hip Extensions

Completed 3 rounds and another 400m run. I was hoping for a 4 rounds completion. Was so displeased I stayed after and did bench presses and dumbbell curls til total muscle exhaustion. Arnold would be proud…


2 Responses to “Saturday 081220”

  1. If you did actual L-pullups on these I bow to you!

    Did you get a great “pump” with the curl/bench combo?

  2. Had to cut the pull-ups in reps of 5 and rest… a lot freakin harder to do than kips!

    Ask my wife and kids about my impression of Arnold…. during the California forest fires anytime it came up on the news, I could be heard saying in my best Austrian accent, “THE WHOLE STATE ES ON FYWA! GET OUT NOW IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!”

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