Sunday 090104

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps


Dead-lifts are not coming along as I’d like. On one freakish day I was able to do 295#, but have struggled to do 275# since. I rechecked my form and found some issues and corrected them, but although that has helped, 275# is unreasonably difficult.

I seem to have come to that crossroad of either continuing on this current path of CrossFit only or getting a little more specialized and working on specific areas. I’ve read about some hybrid programs like CF on day one, Starting Strength the next day and flipping back and forth…



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  1. In my experience, DLs are tricky. One day, you feel strong and you can pull them out, and the very next week, that same weight is impossible to move. I think these are the most taxing, in general, and therefore require all systems to fire all at once. Don’t worry about it – keep up the form work and keep pulling.

  2. I agree with Melissa. A 3 rep 275 is not bad. What is your 1RM?

    Let’s get that 1RM @ 2Xbodyweight this year. I predict before June. I know I can get it. You can too…

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