Garage Gym Update

Air InductionIt’s been a couple of months since I did an update on the garage gym. I have a couple of note worthy additions. One, my awesome fresh air induction system for the kerosene heater. We were having a real problem with the heater sucking all the O2 out of the air, so after talking to several people I came up with this solution. On the outside of the garage, it looks just like a vent. This draws in outside air for the heater and actually seems to make the heater run more efficiently.

The real test was a few days ago, when the day time high was around -2, yes NEGATIVE 2 for the high. Within 30 minutes it was almost 60 deg in the garage. We also came across an additive for the fuel that makes it smell like lilac… Gena says it smells like Grandma in the garage… that’s better than smelling like jet fuel!

The other big addition is my Concept II rower…. I love this thing! It’s in great shape and looks like it just came out of the box. Hard to believe it’s almost 7 years old. CII


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