Do Over!!!!

Wow, what a whirlwind week!!! I’ve been under a lot of stress before, but this is up there in the top 5. Just started with a new company, took a pay cut to do it (in hopes of a more stable job) and then had to take another 10% cut before my 2 month anniversary. Everyone is feeling the recession, and I still feel really lucky to have a job, any job. Out of 300 people that work in my office, 37 got let go last week. That’s over 1 out of 10. The guy sitting next to me was gone with 5 minutes notice.

With this developement, my work load has exceeded the impossible. I’m getting paid for 36 hours, and working 10-12 hours a day. I missed my first grappling MMA class due to that work load. (Sorry Mike) And working out seems like something I did a long time ago.

Hopefully, things will get better, but in the mean time my goal is to try a work out at least every other day and maybe not hard core WOD’s but more “maintenance” type stuff. So when I get back on the wagon, it won’t be so hard.

Peace to you and may this economy recover soon.

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  1. Don’t know if this isn’t turning into a depression. I bought a used car this summer to 14k. In December the NEW ones were going for 9k.

    My in-laws have a bunch of very farm-able land down in south Alabama. They have 2 growing seasons. My need for functional fitness might just coexist with my lifestyle soon. Don’t know for sure, but it might be kinda cool to go back in time a bit…(careful what I wish for!!)

    Hang in there Joey.

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