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Time, Money… there is never enough of either.

Posted in Philosphy and Life on August 28, 2009 by joeyfit

So I haven’t logged a workout of any kind in over a week. Time has been in very short supply. I made a decision to go back to college and get a piece of paper that says I know how to do the job I’ve been doing the last 9 years.

Mind you, it doesn’t mean I’ll get a better job or even get to keep the one I have, but perhaps this will open the doors for a better job or secure the one I have. The VA is paying for it all due to my service connected disability, so why not take advantage of a free education?

Anyway, I started school this week, and it’s been good, but packed. I honestly have more spare time at work than I do the rest of the hours of the week. Pretty sad when you can’t wait to get to work, so you can have a break!

Sobeit, once I get settled back in to a routine I will squeeze in a workout schedule and post as they come up!

Peace out!