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Posted in Welcome on October 15, 2008 by joeyfit

This is my first entry to what I hope to be nothing more than a personal log of my fitness journey. I was previously just posting my WOD (Work Out of the Day) on my facebook page, but realized that most of my friends and family were probably just bewildered by it. No one cares how much weight I dead lift and no need in trying to explain myself over and over to people who could probably care less. So I decided to start blogging as this seemed to be the vogue thing to do of late in the fitness community. And I must admit, since I started keeping track of my work out results a couple months ago, I have been pleased by my progression, which in turn has inspired me to do better. It has also encouraged me to continue working out, which is half the battle for most adults. We do just fine…. until we quit working out.

Anyway, there’s not much to see here, but I chose to keep it public in the off chance I need to link to it or someone may actually get some benefit from seeing what a newbie 40 something male can do as part of an orchestrated workout program.

Thanks for stopping by!