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Medicine Ball!!

Posted in Garage Gym with tags , , , on October 23, 2008 by joeyfit

I tried to make my own medicine ball.¬† I had a bunch of old basketballs that the kids had long ago abandoned, so using the instructions from a CF article, I bought a bag of sand and a roll of duct tape to make my own ball. Now sand only comes in 50lbs bags and since I don’t have a scale, I couldn’t accurately measure the weight of the sand going in the ball. But hey, 50lbs of sand divided in half is 25lbs, so not quite half the bag should be 20lbs, right? Well, apparently not. My wife said there was no way it only weighed 20lbs, more like 30lbs.

So every time someone came over, it was obligatory to have them judge the weight of the ball and the consensus was almost unanimous. The ball weighed between 25-30lbs. Perhaps that’s why my wall-ball shots have been so difficult.

Anyway, I decided rather than try to remake the ball again (The duct tape pattern I came up with was awesome!), I just decided to buy one. It’s much “prettier” than my duct tape ball… but not nearly as much character.